Our Story.

🔥hyprfire is an Australian Active Cyber Defence Software company on a mission to help IT & Network professionals find threats in their networks faster. Based on breakthrough research from Curtin University, Hyprfire’s Firebug is a Network Threat Hunting as a Service solution, that adds active and consistent threat hunting capability to any existing IT team, without needing additional team members. It delivers high priority and high fidelity events to IT teams to pinpoint precursors to network attacks. 

The hyprfire story began with quizzical question posed by Stefan Prandl's supervisor at the start of his PhD studies. Out of his esteem for his supervisor, he believed that his supervisor secretly knew the answer and was encouraging Stefan to see if he could discover the solution on his own. Stefan worked feverishly for several weeks on the problem before returning to the supervisor to present his solution. It was only at the presentation did Stefan realise that his supervisor was genuinely posing the question, rather than giving Stefan a challenge. Despite this misunderstanding of assignment, there was a instant recognition that Stefan had made a significant scientific discovery: that natural statistical laws apply to computer network traffic, and that they could be harnessed to identify malicious activity based on their behaviour. 

This scientific breakthrough was identified as having significant commercial potential by Curtin University in Western Australia. With their support, Stefan then sought a business co-founder who had been down the path before and was introduced to Tim Jones, a previous founder and CEO of a number of technology companies. From this, two products firebug & firebase were born: Firebug being a lightweight Active NDR, and, firebase being a DDOS filter appliance. After acquiring patents and completing successful commercial trials of these products, hyprfire was spun out of Curtin in early 2021 with the support of Western Australian investors. 

Our Team.

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Tim Jones


Tim has an extensive C-level background in running technology businesses. A former technology and IP lawyer by trade who was bitten by the ‘tech bug’, Tim has launched numerous software and hardware products and has been involved in a number of significant technology capital raisings.  Tim is a former overall winner of the Mitsubishi Australia Innovator of the Year Award.

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Madison Filmer


Madison has an energetic and ambitious spirit and is passionate about seeing greater participation of women across the industry. She is dedicated to building relationships across the cyber security sector. You’re likely to hear from her about an upcoming webinar or the latest cyber news via our newsletter.


Stefan Prandl


As a former Curtin researcher & lecturer and experienced threat-hunter & forensic analyst for MSSP ES2, Stefan has a first-hand understanding of the evolving challenges in cyber-security. When he's not writing code and staring at pcap files, you can find him enjoying coffee with his wife, doing some kind of incident response, or trying to explain to his non-technical friends what it is he actually does.


David Hack


David has extensive design, project & relationship management experience. He has a gift to communicate big and complex ideas with clarity and conviction. 

For more background on hyprfire's technology, enjoy Stefan's presentation on PEIMA, the original name for hyprfire, at Blackhat.

We are proud to be an Australian made and Western Australian owned company.