Enterprise grade protection, 
 Home office price 


We exist to expose the darkness of cyber wherever it maybe found. We don't think enterprise-grade tools should be limited to enterprise-level budgets. Go beyond the normal on your network and get visibility of unusual traffic and malicious threats even inside encrypted traffic. 

🔥hyprfire's  firebug  PowerUser edition is a cloud-based, next-generation IDS will highlight anomalous traffic and weird network behaviour, unseen by other solutions at a price they can't match, given your family and home network the best possible cyber-protection. 

​ Harness enterprise grade PowerAI in your home network  and become a  🔥 firebug  Power User 

  • Know when someone is using your computer when they shouldn’t be (ie malware/websites/telemetry).

  • See when your smart devices talk to the internet without you knowing.

  • Know when someone else is using your network.

  • Know when users devices on your network have been compromised. 

Signup for our waitlist now for early access to our coming Beta release and be in the draw for sweet prizes at our online launch event. Post-beta pricing will be US$69/mth (nice).

better  visibility   

As a next generation IDS  firebug  PowerUser edition will give you the visibility you need to quickly identify and defend against threats on your home network including:

 email bombs 
 network issues 

see  beyond  the norm

Current cybersecurity Anomaly Detection AI solutions require weeks or months observing a network to learn 'normal' network behaviour. What sets all  hyprfire  products apart is that they instantly know normal and its ability to see into encrypted traffic. This means you've increased visibility and protection from the moment you activate it on your network. Not only that, it gives visibility to all types of weird, unusual and anomalous events that other systems can't see even in encrypted traffic.

That's right we said encrypted traffic hyprfire  is the world's only cyber security solution that has this capability to analyse and detect anomalous and malicious behaviour inside encrypted traffic without keys. With more and more network traffic being encrypted (think https websites and most mobile messaging platform) it is more important than ever to be protected from threats passing through these undecipherable channels.

 see the weird 

  protect  home base

 firebug  PowerUser edition is cloud-based and uses VPN's tokens installed on your devices and router to give you unprecedented visibility of network activity. Each subscription will give you visibility of up to 100Mbps of network traffic across up to 10 end points. 

Following the successful completion of the beta development, you'll given the option to sign up for subscription and continue your coverage for only US$69/mth. 

We’re here to discover malicious activity, not to hide yours. Before you sign up it's important to note that your service will be terminated if  firebug  PowerUser detects any intentional malicious or criminal activity coming from any of your end points. Some banned activity includes: 

  • Tor Browsers or other Anonymisation systems

  • Torrenting

  • Spam Propagation 

  • Sustained Malicious activity (ie. we know it’s you)

  • Hosting illegal content


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