lightweight, sovereign   network security.

Worried about unknown behaviours, computers, servers & actors? You should be. Attackers across the world are actively exploiting the gaps between your perimeter and endpoint defences. Only an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that has evolved beyond policies, rules & signatures and has the ability to watch over and audit existing defences, can give you the peace of mind that something will detect when you've been breached. 

🔥hyprfire's  firebug  can do this by looking at your network through a different lens. This results in a lightweight, sovereign, rapid-to-deploy IDS that can provide actionable results with hours. Go beyond the normal on your network and get visibility of unusual traffic and malicious threats even inside encrypted traffic. 



Developed in the Computer Science labs at Curtin University, hyprfire's proprietary  PowerAI  makes a conceptual leap from previous generations of AI of cybersecurity by changing it's core assumption in solving the increasing cyber-threats: moving from identifying anomalous traffic by "what it is" to defining it by "what it does". It does so using the statistical laws of natural behaviour that are fundamental to the DNA of ethernet protocols, and then add behavioural analytics to AI to see what has never been seen before and provides cyber security professionals visibility thats faster, light and smarter.


By applying Power law statistical probabilities to Ethernet frame metadata, hyprfire immediately knows ‘normal’ and derive behavioural insights. It then adds Behavioural Analytics to AI to quickly determine threats.


Because hyprfire doesn't need 'big data' to learn, it doesn't need the heavy resources required by previous generation anomaly detection AI systems. 


hyprfire can't be fooled as it uses the Power laws that are fundamental to the architecture of network traffic. It can even determine threats inside encrypted traffic, without breaching privacy. 

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 firebug  is not

To determine what something is it helps to define what it's not. Like anything that is a step-change from current technology, it takes a paradigm shift in thinking in order comprehend new possibilites.

 firebug is not  heavyweight. 

Because it applies statistics to metadata, and doesn't need to do deep packet inspection or require 'big data' to learn normal, it’s lighter and faster than traditional IDS.

 firebug is not 
 a slow learner.

Other systems take weeks or months to learn ‘normal’.  powerAI  allows for instant usability and full network baselining within hours. 

 firebug is not 
 sending your data 

We're West Australian based and only use Australian cloud servers. Additionally, 
 powerAI  only needs statistical information from metadata, any information sent to us, does not contain your 'data' in the way an average IDS does.

 firebug is not 
 fooled by attackers. 

Because  firebug  looks at"what it does", not "what it is", malicious actors can't hide. This makes it highly resistant to obfuscation and can detect unusual behaviour in encrypted traffic even when you don’t have the keys.

 firebug is not  expensive. 

Being super lightweight and not needing big data and machine learning brains,  firebug  is far less expensive than traditional IDS ‘solutions’.

so in summary,
 firebug is not 
 your average IDS 

IDS and Anomaly Detection systems traditionally look for specific things, but hyprfire's  firebug  sees everything. 

so what is  firebug ?

Now you understand what firebug is not, let's talk about what makes it so great and how it can help give you visibility, increased cyber defence capability and valuable network usage insights.

 firebug is a 
 Next-Gen IDS 

When an attacker first gets onto your network, what they do first isn’t always “bad”, but it is always weird.  firebug  uses next-generation PowerAI to direct its detection efforts, finding and identifying the weird, strange, and unusual…. as well as the actively malicious. With the ability to see inside encrypted sessions even when nobody knows how to decrypt it,  firebug  can see what others can’t, and react where others won’t. All this is what makes it true evolution of AI for cybersecurity and a next-generation Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

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 firebug increases 
 your cyber-capability 

What makes  firebug  unique is that it is useful at all stages on an attack, not just the initial exploit, but also provides visibility of lateral movement, malicious operations and exfiltration even inside encrypted traffic.


Most existing IDS systems target specific categories of the Mitre Att&ck framework. Almost all of them look for attackers coming into your network. What if they are already there? 


 firebug  has been tested extensively against this gold standard of categorising cyber threats and is proven to  give you visibility over ALL the categories of the framework, including the trickiest later attack steps like lateral movement & exfiltration. 

 firebug gives
 visibilty of encrypted 

The rapid growth in encrypted traffic across the internet, increasing organisation privacy obligations and market expectations, have left many networks vulnerable and exposed. 


 firebug  provides world-first visibility of anomalous behaviour inside encrypted traffic, without piercing the veil of encryption (even when you don't have the keys) and without breaching privacy policy or obligations. 

 firebug does
 more than security 

Our partners discovered that  firebug  has applications more than security. It can assist your Network engineers to see how the network is really being used by giving useful insights and can identify the source of all kinds of weird and wonderful happenings on your network that no other product was able to detect. This can be incredibly useful to IT teams to detects faults quicker, identify misconfigured systems and user breaches of policy. 

 firebug  can see

As a next generation IDS firebug will give you the visibility you need to quickly identify and defend against threats including:

 email bombs 
 network issues 

transparent  pricing 

 hyprfire's  mission isn't just bringing visibility to cyber threats, It is also bringing transparency to the vagueness and opacity of cybersecurity pricing. We're committed to being as upfront and transparent with our pricing as possible for enterprise. So our pricing is simple and scalable based on your Network traffic:  US$1000 per month  for each  1 Gbps  of network throughput. No lock-in contracts (unless you need one for some reason).


in $US dollars


network throughput

Does your network need 3 Gbps? It's simply US$3000 per month. Does your network change month to month? You can setup up or down monthly in  1 Gbps  increments. Your subscription includes the remote installation of each (1 Gbps) instance required, on a server you already have is, plus implementation and configuration for your network, plus two scheduled check-ins in the first month to discuss events that  firebug  finds. After that we're confident you'll have everything you need to power on and defend your network with confidence and peace of mind because of visibility you now have.

about  hyprfire 

A Perth, West Australian startup based on unique and patented technology, developed in the Computer Science labs of Curtin University in Western Australia. Brought to market by the Curtin Commercialisation and Mavuno Advisory team, hyprfire is now set to bring visibility to networks around the world and empower cyber-security professionals to defend like never before.

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 Stefan Prandl 

Inventor & CTO, Stefan is Computer Science faculty at Curtin University who wrote his PhD on  PowerAI.   He's also an incident response & threat hunting expert at leading WA cyber firm ES2

 Tim Jones 

CEO, Tim is an experienced tech-CEO with a proven track record of bringing new innovations to market.

 David Hack 

Product Manager, Designer & Marketer with experience in product development.

 but wait there's more 

Using the revolutionary  powerAI   technology, we're building a suite of products to help cybersecurity professionals defend against increasing and evolving threats .


A DDoS Filter that is the only available lightweight on-prem defence against DDoS attacks by filtering 99.96% of malicious traffic. IP & Protocol Agnostic allows it to defend against inbound & outbound attacks and on encrypted traffic. Its Layer 2 transparent gateway for seamless integration.

Available now


We've a strong background in incident response and threat hunting. So we are developing a comprehensive tool to fast-track and focus the network forensics process to increase responders ability to mitigate damage caused by cyber-attacks and restore operations as fast as possible.

Coming Q2 2021


With ever growing use of personal mobile devices in professional environments, hackers are constantly evolving their attack techniques to take advantage of these devices vulnerablities. Our coming mobile end-point protection will give cyber security professionals great visibility and defence from this evolving threats.

Coming Q3 2021

using  hyprfire 


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All we need from you is some space on one of your servers to setup a virtual machine. 


To kick-off your trial, we'll arrange a video call to discuss and plan your trial deployment and objectives. 


We'll then remotely install 1 instance* of  firebug  on your network and guide you through the configuration and get you setup. 


48 hours, 7 days & 14 days after the deployment we'll check in and talk** through events  firebug  finds.***


Following the trial, we'll provide a report and proposal for a full deployment that gives you visibility for your entire network.

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The straight-forward fine print: 1. Trial is limited to temporary, 14-day deployment of 1 instance of hyprfire's  firebug  to demonstrate product capability, usability and proof of value as an addition to your network & security stack. Depending on your network size and architecture, hyprfire's trial installation may not have visibility of your entire network's traffic. 2. The hyprfire team will keep in touch across the trial and be available to help you understand and act on events, within reason. 3. Hyprfire will not be liable for what  firebug  finds (don't shoot the messenger!) Should hyprfire uncover significant cyber attack, network errors or other issues that we recommend require immediate action or intervention and these recommendations are beyond your available capabilities or resources, we recommend you seek an incident response service provider.


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