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Press Release: Strategic Advisor, Dr. Marcus Thompson Joins Hyprfire Leadership

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Hypfire's New Strategic Advisor, Dr Marcus Thompson

Hypfire is excited to welcome Major General (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson, AM, PhD to the Hyprfire leadership as their newly appointed Strategic Advisor and Advisory Board member. One of Australia’s top leading cyber security strategists, Dr Thompson will join Hyprfire’s Managing Director, Tim Jones, and the Hyprfire executives in the growth of Hypfire’s future.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Thompson with us moving forward. Marcus has decades of expertise, influence and understanding of Australia's current cyber defence landscape. Having Marcus on the team will substantially help us in growing Australia’s active cyber defence capability.” - Tim Jones

Hyprfire Company Growth

Hyprfire has experienced strong growth over time since its 2021 inception, with a growing list of valued clientele such as VenuesWest, a number of government departments, large health providers, manufacturing, critical infrastructure providers, and engineering and manufacturing firms.

An Australian-based Sovereign cyber security service, Hyprfire's firebug is a NTHaaS service (Network Threat Hunting as a Service) and fills an important gap in the cyber security market between perimeter and endpoint solutions.

With its lightweight deployment and ability to generate actionable results within hours, Hyprfire represents a game-changer in network visibility and defence for organisations of all sizes and security capability. Hyprfire makes life easy for security and IT teams by providing a small number of actionable alerts on a daily and weekly basis.

Australia's Cyber Security Threats

“With almost daily news of large cyber attacks breaching critical Australian businesses, we know for sure that Australia has become an attractive and easy target for cyber hacking.” - Dr. Marcus Thompson.

In its recently released Annual Cyber Threat Report 2021-22, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) observed a total of 76,000 cybercrime reports, an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous financial year. This equates to one report every 7 minutes, compared to every 8 minutes in the last financial year. The report showed a rise in the average cost per cybercrime report to over $39,000 for small business, $88,000 for medium business, and over $62,000 for large business, an average increase of 14 per cent.

“Australian organisations need to consider moving from passive to active cybersecurity strategies, which includes improving their network visibility, that is, who and what is on their internal networks.” - Dr. Marcus Thompson.

“In my view, Hyprfire’s capabilities offer network visibility in a package that works for most organisations. It has the ability to substantially uplift the active cyber defences of Australian organisations of all sizes.” - Dr. Marcus Thompson.


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