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What is the ACSC?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) leads the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security. Their role is to help make Australia the most secure place to connect online. The ACSC is part of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), which has a long history of cyber security excellence, and which reports to the Federal Minister for Defence.

What is a white alert?

A white alert is a "High" status alert issued by the ASCS in respect of an existing or imminent cyber security attack or vulnerability.

The only higher alert level is Critical.

Why has the ACSC issued white alert?

ACSC has issued White Alert 2022-02 in response to increased cyber attacks related to or arising from the situation in Ukraine.

As the alert states:

There has been a historical pattern of cyber attacks against Ukraine that have had international consequences. Malicious cyber activity could impact Australian organisations through unintended disruption or uncontained malicious cyber activities.


Why should I act now?

The ACSC "recommends that organisations urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture. This should include reviewing and enhancing detection, mitigation, and response measures.

Organisations should ensure that logging and detection systems in their environment are fully updated and functioning and apply additional monitoring of their networks where required."

ACSC's Technical Advisory contains further detail.

Firebug covers the gap web.png
How does additional monitoring improve my cyber defences?

To fully understand the importance of network security, consider the simple but potent fact that 99% of cyberattacks traverse the network in some way. (2017, Enterprise Management Associates).

Most organisations' cyber defences comprise perimeter security (e.g. firewalls) and endpoint security (email and laptop security). These solutions are like security cameras that point outwards from your building and stop criminals from entering your premises.

As cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, best-practice cyber security is to assume that a determined criminal will breach your perimeter and is already within your network, planning their attack. (e.g. Jen Easterly, CISA Director))

Without network monitoring, you have no security cameras pointing "inwards" to your premises, monitoring for criminals who breached the walls. Your organisations' "crown jewels" of valuable data, finances, employee details and assets are likely to be contained on your network and exposed to theft or destruction by criminals.

How do I apply additional monitoring of our networks?

The category of security solutions that do network monitoring is known as Network Detection and Response (NDR). We recommend the next generation of tools known as Active NDR, like Firebug because they are faster to deploy, more accurate and vastly reduce alert "noise".

Why is firebug the best choice?

Firebug has a range of benefits for organisations:

  • Sovereign Australian and 5i company

  • Next generation Active NDR technology

  • Highly affordable for all types of organisation

  • Fast and simple to deploy

  • Actionable intelligence within minutes

  • Flexible as to network location and coverage

  • Passive data processing - attackers don't know it's there


What does the "protect now, pay later" offer entail?

As an Australian company, we are committed to helping Australian and allied organisations to protect themselves. Let us help you deploy firebug, get defences in place and discuss commercial terms in parallel. If firebug doesn't provide value, simply remove it.

How quick/easy is it deploy firebug?

Firebug is super easy to deploy. We just need a VMSphere server with basic specifications and a network tap or port mirror. We can assist with deployment remotely.

How do I order/what do I do next?

Complete this contact form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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