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About Us

Your critical network security events, delivered to you.

Hyprfire's Mission

To help IT & network professionals find threats in their networks faster. 

About Hyprfire

Based on breakthrough research from Curtin University, Hyprfire Founder and CTO, Stefan Prandl made a significant scientific discovery during his studies. It was determined that natural statistical laws could be applied to computer network traffic, and harnessed to identify malicious activity based on their behaviour. This meant a fast and light Network Detection and Response solution could be created.


Today, Hyprfire is an Australian active cyber defence software company, with national and international clientele. Hyprfire’s Firebug’s actionable and scalable solution adds active and consistent threat hunting capabilities to any existing IT team, without needing additional team members.


Affordable for businesses of all sizes, Firebug delivers high priority and high fidelity events to IT teams to pinpoint precursors to network attacks. 

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Hyprfire's Firebug

Fast, actionable and quiet, find out what Firebug can do for you with its active and consistent threat hunting capabilities.  

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Behind Firebug Technology

Read our technical paper and understand how Hyprfire’s NDR works and how it can scale for your company. 

Hyprfire's Latest

Find out the latest cyber news and trends appearing in Australia and beyond, so you can stay up-to-date, ahead of attacks.

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