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Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP) Program

Offer Hyprfire’s Network Detection and Response expertise as part of your full coverage, security-managed services.

Offer the full solution for your clients by adding Hyprfire’s Network Detection and Response solution, Firebug to your full suite of services. Fast, quiet, actionable and scalable, Firebug is a necessary addition to complete an IT team’s cyber security toolkit.

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Why Partner with Hyprfire?

Hyprfire’s vision is to provide affordable, quiet and accurate network security solutions to customers of all sizes. Why? Because legacy solutions are too expensive and complex for most organisations.


Hyprfire’s Firebug NDR gives everyday organisations an enterprise-grade, rapid to deploy network defence solution. Firebug vastly reduces the cost, complexity and staff overhead relating to buying, configuring and deploying advanced network security required for modern network visibility.


What Hyprfire’s MSSP Program Offers

Hyprfire’s partner program is built on a partner-first basis. Hyprfire’s mission is to provide partners with market-leading technologies, like Firebug, and supporting resources to allow you to grow your business.

Hyprfire provides partners with training and education, deployment and ongoing support and a range of marketing tools and collateral. All of this is designed to help you enhance your customers’ network security and help you add value as their provider.



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Offer high-value, network coverage to your services for client success and security.

Fairness and Transparency
Affordable Partner Pricing and Rapid Start Pricing Models
Dedicated Partner Support
Technical Training and Resources
Sales Training and Resources
Exclusive Use of Hyprfire Partner Branding

What Our Partners are Saying

We truly believe Hyprfire’s Firebug is the missing link between perimeter and endpoint security solutions; it will help us provide our clients with the next level of network visibility and response, and stronger defence against today’s cyber attacks.

Frederic Drouin

Managing Director ES2


Learn More About Hyprfire’s Firebug Technology

Understand the patented Hyprfire Firebug technology and how it helps active network threat detection and response. 


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