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  • How is Firebug deployed?
    Firebug can be deployed in parallel via a span port or port mirror near strategic network assets (eg. DMZ, Public WiFi, Data Centre).
  • Does Firebug use deep packet inspection?
    No, Firebug only requires packet metadata to perform its processes.
  • Can Firebug process encrypted data?
    Yes. As we only use packet meta data we have no need to look inside data packets.
  • Can Firebug be deployed as a virtual machine or only on-premise?
    Yes it can, We support VMSphere natively, so you can use ESXi/VMWare Hypervisor to run Firebug on if you have no virtual infrastructure at present.
  • Does Firebug integrate with SIEMS and SOCS?
    Designed to integrate with your existing security stack so It will play nice with whatever you’ve already bought. Firebug has Powerful API integrations which allows you use it however works best for you. SIEM / SOC : Kabana, MS Sentinel, Alien Vault, Splunk.
  • What is the coverage of each Firebug machine?
    Each instance can give visibility of up to 1 Gb/s which can cover approximately 500 Endpoints on a typical network.
  • How does Hyrpfire's NDR solution fit into my workflow?
    It's configurable and on-demand self-reporting. Depending on your workflow, you can choose when and how you receive your Firebug Report. You can receive Firebug’s NDR insights & coordinates via email, or via the Frontend, API Direct or your SIEM. Nobody wants noise, so we recommend allowing the Firebug’s mathematical engine to do its job and deliver you consolidated reports of the most critical anomalies on your network, once a day or at the time of your choosing.

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