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Firebug Technology


Firebug: The Next Gen Hyper Stateful Network Detection & Response Solution


Hyprfire’s H-NDR Solution is a true game-changer in the NDR space and fundamentally changes the way network security is done. It also provides an affordable NDR solution for all organisations that want to complete their Network Visibility Triad.


How is Firebug NDR Different from Legacy NDR?

In the past, NDR solutions were mainly focused on using Machine Learning (ML) to improve on the information they started with. Within machine learning, there are two main approaches programmers tend to use: supervised and unsupervised machine learning.


Within these two approaches are a number of different learning algorithms and these can be combined in different ways for even more complex outcomes. The bottom line is that building machine learning algorithms and systems is highly complex and experimental. 


Fortunately, there is an alternative to traditional ML NDR, one that overcomes the challenges that continue to limit the effectiveness of ML NDR technology

Slow Baselining
Low Accuracy
High Cost
Processing and Bandwidth
Sovereign Privacy

Unlike any other security solution on the market, Hyprfire’s Firebug H-NDR platform has dramatically reduced the cost and complexity related to buying, deploying and managing the essential third pillar of the Network Visibility Triad. 


Get the Hyprfire Firebug Technical Paper

Learn about the mathematical laws that are the foundations for the patented Firebug technology, and how this makes Hyprfire’s light H-NDR Solution a true game-changer in your company’s IT security toolkit. 


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