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Why Network Detection and Response (NDR)?

Without NDR, your network door is wide open.


Network detection and response (NDR) products detect abnormal system behaviors by applying behavioral analytics to network traffic data. They continuously analyze raw network packets or traffic metadata between internal networks (east-west) and public networks (north-south).


The purpose of NDR solutions is to assist organisations to detect and contain post-breach activity such as ransomware, insider threat and lateral movement. 


The Missing Element in Your Cyber Stack: Active NDR

NDR operates in conjunction with other security solutions (e.g. perimeter and endpoint), which primarily use signatures and rules (a.k.a. “Threat models”) to detect anomalies.

Most organisations have deployed SIEM and Endpoint/Perimeter, without thinking about who is actively monitoring those systems, running the risk of not knowing fully what is communicating to and in their networks. 

Gartner's Visibility Triad model outlines three key elements of cyber security defence: SIEM, Endpoint/Perimeter and Network Detection and Response. 


What’s on the NDR Market?

Existing NDR solutions are often designed for large enterprises, with complex systems and require large teams to handle and maintain. In most cases, they are too expensive for medium and small businesses to afford. 


Expensive, especially when scaling.
Too complex for their IT teams to use.
Constrained to inputted algorithms.
Take months to deploy and understand the baseline. 
Know sensitive company data by using deep packet inspection.
Work off an educated guess, with low accuracy.

Why Hyprfire's Managed NDR, Firebug?

Firebug gives busy IT teams the capability to actively monitor for abnormal behaviour on
internal networks, acting as an early warning system. 


Affordable and scalable.
Easy, actionable daily critical reporting.
A weekly summary report for deeper analysis.
Quick to deploy and understands the baseline in hours. 
Keeps company data private due to header packet inspection.
Works off patented proven mathematical laws.


Why Our Customers Choose Hyprfire.

Firebug has been successful in detecting activity unlike that of other solutions on the market.

Ian Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Venues West

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