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Your critical network security events, delivered to you.


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Hyprfire's managed NDR solution


Provides security teams with rapid network threat hunting capability.

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The Problem

Even with endpoint, perimeter and SIEM cyber security tools, busy IT teams are still facing breaches, not knowing where the network gap is. This leaves them wide-open to being hacked. 

Complex Tools

As today's cyber criminals have tailored zero-day tools to breach cyber defences, once inside they're very difficult to find.

Resource Heavy

Network threat hunting is typically time intensive, complex, expensive and slow. 

Immediate Threats

IT teams rarely have spare time for threat hunting while dealing with daily management.

The Solution

Add active, consistent threat hunting capability to your existing team with hyprfire's Managed NDR solution, Firebug. You can now be the first to know exactly who and what is on your network.

Threat Hunting

Add active, consistent threat hunting capability to your existing team.

Delivered to You

Have high priority, high fidelity events delivered to you.

Increase Visibility

Be the first to know exactly who and what is on your network.

Easy Reporting

Easily report on the threats you have found and eliminated.



Your critical network security events, delivered to you.


Fast deployment allows speed and accuracy in understanding network baseline within hours.

Decryption not required as we only access packet metadata, not deep packet inspection on your organisation's sensitive data.

Active Noise Filtration (ANF) reduces the number of security alerts generated to critical issues.

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Designed for Busy Teams.

Hyprfire's MNDR solution is designed for teams with limited cyber resources. We make it easy for you to add network threat hunting capability and network visibility.

Easy to Deploy

Your choice of a span port or network tap to start the process.


Our daily critical report escalates priority 1 & 2 events straight to you. We include a weekly threat summary with insights & actionable coordinates.

SIEM Compatible

We integrate with the major SIEM solutions.


Ingests network traffic metadata only via a passive feed.


We provide you with actionable event information, including machines IDs, time, duration, activity. 

What our clients and partners are saying about Hyprfire.

At Vertex, we advise a wide range of businesses on their cyber security strategy and operations. For network security the only NDR (Network Detection and Response) we recommend is Hyprfire for its leading next generation technology, speed of deployment and ease of use. We encourage anyone looking to enhance their network security to use Hyprfire.

Martin Boyd, Director

Vertex Cyber Security

Hyprfire Partner Vertex NDR

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