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Driving Cyber Resiliency: Law Firm Cyber Risk Program

Hyprfire, Whitehawk, driving cyber resilience, law firm risk program

Law Firms continue to be highly targeted by online criminals for their sensitive client data and frequent financial transactions. According to, a recent attack on a major Australian law firm, HWL Ebsworth, resulted in more than 1 terabyte of stolen data being taken and sold on the dark web. Those impacted included the firm’s clients, some of which were Australia’s 4 big banks and the Australian Federal Health Department.

"I would place it in the realm of the most significant cyber incidents that we've experienced as a country over the last year, along with Latitude, Optus and Medibank," said Minister Clare O'Neil. Source.


As national efforts are made to advance cyber resilience, a growing number of Australian law firms are searching for ways to smartly implement impactful cyber security best practices and solutions. Law firms need to understand what is occurring within their networks and what are the external risk and threat factors.

As legal boards battle risk levels in their companies, choosing the right solution can be incredibly difficult, with the thousands of cyber solution offerings available globally. Furthermore, this difficulty requires a risk assessment and a technical understanding of what should be prioritized.

In order to protect their clients’ legal data, financial information, and keep their staff and stakeholders secure, proactive measures need to be taken.


With its global online cyber security marketplace, Whitehawk CEC Inc. has been working hand-in-hand with federal governments and global businesses to baseline their cyber risks and map to next generation solution options.

The WhiteHawk Corporate Cyber Risk program, to include Australian-based Hyprfire, seamlessly integrates continuous risk monitoring solutions to deliver legal firm resiliency based upon their current cyber risk status and what’s required to remain compliant and mature.

The Corporate Cyber Risk Program features include:

- a single, easily accessed, user-friendly platform to assess, monitor, and mitigate both internal and external cyber risks.

- Proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited.

- Network risk assessment: critical network event reporting, weekly summary and active network threat hunting capability.

Whitehawk CEC Inc. and Hyprfire have partnered together to offer the Legal Sector confidence in your organisation's ability to prioritize and mitigate cyber risks continuously while protecting valuable legal and client-sensitive assets.

The joint program empowers a Law Firm’s team to smartly manage and advance their cyber resilience. Furthermore, with its clear internal and external risk assessment, legal board members have peace of mind in making an informed decision on further actions that need to be taken.

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