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Curtin Business Case Study: Hyprfire's NDR Success

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Curtin University lecturer, Paull Weber, Stefan Prandl and Tim Jones, Curtin Business Case Study
Curtin University Case Study Hyprfire

Curtin Business Case Study: Hyprfire's NDR Success

Last month, our Hyprfire team was invited by Senior Curtin lecturer, Paull Weber, to visit Curtin University's entrepreneurship students to share Hyprfire’s inspiring start-up history. The visit provided valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and showcased the power of determination and innovation within Western Australia.

Aiming to empower students and enhance their academic success, Hyprfire's team, Tim Jones, Managing Director, and Stefan Prandl, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, shared our business journey as a case study. Breaking down the stages from a Curtin University PHD idea to a working reality in our Perth HQ, Tim and Stefan discussed the lessons they learned along the way.

The students were encouraged to ask questions the Hyprfire case study to learn more about what it takes to create their own company, succeed and the steps required.

From the patented Network Detection and Response (NDR) technology developed by Stefan during his studies to Tim joining Hyprfire leadership and growing the company from its start-up roots, Hyprfire’s NDR solution, Firebug, is now set to expand into the US cyber security market with partnerships like Whitehawk.

Hyprfire's story served as motivation for Curtin students and Australian tech companies, inspiring them to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavours and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

As a local network cyber security provider, Hyprfire aims to foster more sovereign Australian cyber security solutions and diversity. Since its inception, they have sponsored Perth events such as CyberRiskers, CyberWest Summit, and Students of Cyber to encourage more mentorship, networking and cyber growth in Australia. Furthermore, Hyprfire has fostered a female-forward tech internship to promote more diversity in STEM fields and year-on-year hiring from local talent.

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