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Hyprfire Awarded Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

Hyprfire AC Grant Network Detection and Response Solution

4 August 2023 - Hyprfire Awarded Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from Final Round of AusIndustry Entrepreneurs' Programme.

Next-generation cybersecurity software business, Hyprfire, has been awarded a $785,322 Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) Grant from the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs' Programme, funded by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources of the Australian Federal Government.

The grant was awarded as part of a competitive process, where applicants are judged by an independent panel against key commercialisation criteria and a selected number of grantees are successful.

Hyprfire’s team gratefully acknowledge the Federal Government’s support of Hyprfire’s sovereign, cyber security capability in the context of rapidly growing cyber attacks on Australian organisations and citizens.

"The Accelerating Commercialisation grant is a huge boost to our capacity to develop sovereign cyber capabilities and our ability to take our solutions global. We’re humbled and excited to receive the support of the Australian Federal Government in carrying out our mission to provide accurate, fast and quiet NDR capability to organisations of all sizes,” said Tim Jones, Hyprfire’s Managing Director.

Hyprfire’s grant was part of the final round of the AC program which has now closed, save for maintenance of ongoing projects. The long running program funded businesses, start-ups and researchers who have a novel product, process or service ready to scale up and commercialise in global markets.

The grant funding will be instrumental in driving the continued development of Hyprfire's patented Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution, Firebug, and its expansion into global markets including the USA and Europe.

About Hyprfire

Hyprfire is an Australian cyber security company whose mission is to provide accurate, fast and quiet NDR capability to organisations of all sizes.

Hyprfire’s clients operate across a range of industries, including critical infrastructure, utilities, building management, manufacturing, government and education. Hyprfire’s board and advisors include respected tech and cyber thought leaders, Major General (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson and ex-iiNet CEO, David Buckingham.

Conventional cyber security solutions are designed to keep attackers out. In the context of cyber crime now being a sophisticated global industry, Hyprfire assumes that attackers are already in your environment and focuses on finding them by providing actionable network intelligence in the fastest, most efficient way.

About Accelerating Commercialisation

Click to learn more about the end of the AusIndustry Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, or see the other national award winners.


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