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Podcast Appearance: Start Up West with Tim Jones

Our Managing Director, Tim Jones was recently invited to guest speak on the Startup West podcast, with hosts Steve and Chris, to discuss the overarching challenges and successes of Hyprfire to date within the Australian cyber security industry.

Starting out as a lawyer, Tim moved into technology law, worked in Sydney, and then moved back to WA to work on various startups in the ASX, private space and Hyprfire. Spun out of Curtin University, Hyprfire has raised some significant capital as well as an Accelerating Commercialisation grant, offering network threat prevention as a service.

"Enjoy the ride. Not many people get to do this. Just recognise that, and enjoy it as much as you can. Celebrate the great moments, and try and keep things in perspective."

- Tim Jones, 2023.

Listen to the podcast here or on Apple Podcasts.


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