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Podcast Appearance: Why All Businesses Need An Active Cyber Defence Strategy with Tim Jones

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Recently, our Managing Director, Tim Jones was invited to guest speak on the Cyber Security Uncut podcast, with hosts Major General (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson and Phil Tarrant to discuss the importance of an active defence system and the nexus between academia and the cyber security industry.

With Australian businesses facing increasingly targeted cyber security issues, with one cybercrime report made approximately every 7 minutes, according to the 21-22 CSC Annual Cyber Threat Report, there's even more reason to be proactive in protecting our livelihoods.

The podcast focuses on:

- unpacking why businesses are not sufficiently protected if they rely solely on passive protection frameworks.

- the growing endpoint risk posed by increased interconnectivity.

- fundamental lessons for cyber start-ups.

- the transference of knowledge between academia and the cyber industry.

Their podcast wraps up with a focused discussion around how sales teams and product development teams can best work together to grow their cyber security businesses.

Interested? Listen to Tim's episode here, or you can find it on Apple Podcasts.


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